All Terrain Training

pic Rocio Chacon

‘All Terrain Training’ reflects the combined workings of mother and so artists Shirley Pegna and Will Pegna. The work is a durational live performance stemming from the audio recordings taken from a residency in the Arctic Circle S. Pegna took in 2018. Alongside collected sounds including an earthquake originating in Indonesia 1,373 miles underground and electrical currents plucked from the Ionosphere 30 miles above Svalbard, Norway.

Taking influence from the earths relentless activity & energy needed to create these sounds W. Pegna creates a Dojo like situation in the gallery space for physical contact and endurance to occur. 7 Dancers take it in turn to exert force against each other. Using physical and vocal signals the dancers maintain tension throughout the duration of the performance. Using the floor and walls, they adopt low, grounded positions mimicking animal standoffs and rugby scrum like formations.

pic Rocio Chacon

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